Ushering Innovation with Creative Support Services


Invent the Future!
Beyond the scientific apparatus required to realize technological innovation, we offer collateral creative support services to compliment each stage of a product's life cycle from inception to replacement.  By anticipating elusive trends and clearly communicating new ideas, our clients realize the highest probability of success.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it
Alan Kay

Product Design

Product Design Services

Clients seeking outside design stimulus call upon us to assist them with new ideas in:

  • Acoustics  • Education  • Music  • Search
  • Avionics  • Imaging  • Optics  • Security
  • Communications  • Internet  • Robotics  • Video Games

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Services

Clients with complex requirements and critical development windows rely upon us
to design and develop:

 •  Systems Software and Tools  •  Development Tools  •  Embedded Systems
 •  Mass Market Software Titles  •  Code Libraries  •  Real-Time Systems
 •  Custom Applications Software  •  Web Technologies  •  Side Channel Firewalls

Media Production

Media Production Services

Originally chartered to assist our clients with new product introductions, our in-house media group has grown to provide full spectrum production services including studio and location recording, photography, videography and cinematography:

 •  Celebrity Events  •  Product Advertising and Packaging
 •  Live Performance  •  Studio Recording, Sweetening & Mastering
 •  Music Videos — since 1982!  •  Film and Video Production with Avid Post

Brand Management

Brand Management Services

We assist in all phases of brand design and management, from tangible product brands to the intangible image brands of celebrity personalities, delivering our expertise in:

 •  New Product and Brand Introductions  •  Negative Event Management
 •  Choreographing Sensitive Brand Adjustments  •  Image Management & Media Strategy
 •  Language Design (Onomasiology & Semasiology)  •  Market Research & Trend Identification
 •  Speechwriting & Spokesperson Media Coaching  •  Product & Fan Website Design

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