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Our Mission

Every Action has its Consequences
For every action, no matter how slight, there are consequences.  With this in mind, our mission is to innovate new means of efficiency, empowerment, healthfulness, joyful experience and safety, while being mindful to choose paths that are just, and compassionate to those less fortunate.
Be the change you want to see in the world
Mahatma Gandhi

Our Offices

Our Offices
We pioneered telecommuting long before it was popular.  By 1986 over 90% of our employees worked from home via secure connections to our networks, or those of our clients, enabling us to commence near virtual operations some 20 years ago.  Consequently, our employees enjoy more flexible work schedules and waste zero time commuting to work each day.  Our clients have access to a more rapidly scalable world class workforce.  And, our planet is spared the hydrocarbon emissions that would have resulted from two decades of daily employee commutes.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance
» Johnny Grace
President & CTO
» Garth Seagraves
Executive Vice President
» Sabrina Bloomfield
Corporate Secretary
» Jordonna Sabih, Esq.
Chief In-House Counsel
» Tanya Grantham
Chief Financial Officer
» Gary Davis
Chief Analytics Officer

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions
In 1976, our founder, Gerald Seagraves, established United Systems, a technology design and services corporation, which later merged with JSJ International, Stealth Technologies and Jetson Industries, to become InfiniVision, a California Corporation.  He continues to serve on our board, providing governance continuity and strategic foresight.
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Community Investment

Give the Gift of Health, join us in supporting Doctors Without Borders
InfiniVision has a long tradition of making positive contributions to communities in need.  Each year, InfiniVision Corporation, along with its subsidiaries and affiliates, provide voluntary contributions and donations of cash, goods and services to help communities worldwide.  Because good health is fundamental to life, opportunity and achievement, we support organizations addressing worldwide health issues, such as Doctors Without Borders.

Human Rights

We have supported Save Darfur Coalition since 2004, please join and help stop the Genocide
Besides supporting Human Rights organizations such as the Save Darfur Coalition, InfiniVision conducts regular reviews of regional human rights situations with a focus on minimizing societal, commercial and US national security risks.  We consider a number of factors, including, among others, whether a country has a poor human rights record as reported by the US Department of State or is the subject of a negative advisory opinion issued by the UN or ICJ.


Break the relentless cycle of Inherited Hunger, join our support for the World Food Programme
On 9/11 over 15,000 children died.  Although the vicious terrorist attacks of that day were, of course, dreadfully wrong and deeply tragic, and those responsible must be held to account, the plight of these innocent children was not televised.  They died from starvation and hunger-related disease.  15,000 more children have died the same tragic death every day since.¹  Please join us in supporting the World Food Programme's efforts to break this relentless cycle of inherited hunger.

Product Support

Product Support
If you are a consumer or end-user of a product bearing one of our client's brands, please refer to the product packaging or instruction manual for information on how to contact them for support.  If you are a direct client of InfiniVision Corporation, please refer to the masthead of the product's technical documentation to identify your product liaison officer at InfiniVision Corporation, or access support through our secure client services site via your organization's network.

Points of Contact

Points of Contact
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